Dr. Nalini Sutharsan


Dr. Nalini Sutharsan is the visionary founder of Ajax NS Dental and widely credited as the architect of modern dentistry in 1801 Harwood Ave N #18,Ajax, ON L1T 0K8, Canada.

Graduated with highest distinction in DDS from New York State University, Dr. Nalini Sutharsan expedition for dentistry started from India and expanded beyond Goose Bay and other rural settings of Newfoundland & Labrador. Since then she moved back to Ontario and started pursuing her practice in Ajax NS Dental. Dr. Nalini Sutharsan hails from a family of physicians and surgeons who has been serving communities across North America, Europe and Asia.

She is best described as a compassionate humanitarian, who dedicated her effort to bringing cutting edge technology in dental care within the economic and geographic reach of people across Ajax region.

Dr. Nalini Sutharsan believes the reality of Oral health begins with knowledge and empowerment; this has paved the way for new initiative called “LET’S TALK SMILE” around communities where NS Dental is expanding its hands to serve.

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Ages 18 – 54
Reported Improved
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We Have Reinvented The Way How Dentistry Work For Durham Region With Ajax NS Dental. Our Team of experience Dentists and dedicated professionals are excited in providing family and cosmetic dentistry.

Our state of the Art Dental technology and true passion in delivering excellent service makes us the industry leader in North America. Ajax NS Dental is the culmination of everything you can imagine in dentistry is put in practice at affordable cost

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