Family Dentist Durham

Ajax NS Dental – Popular known as Family Dentist Durham is unique and distinctive because we incorporate in great dental skill, experience and technology under one roof with highly qualified doctors team. The dental work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of advanced equipment and technologies, our dental care will ensures that each patient is treated like royalty with our dental services.

Our complete team functions on the sole purpose of ensuring total patient dental care and satisfactions, and this dedication is what sets us apart from our counterparts among peer dental clinics. As a leading Family Dentist Durham, NS dental believe in our patients having a Beautiful Smile yet Natural Teeth for Life. At the heart of the NS Dental philosophy is a great commitment to excellence in dental care and in dental service. Our dental professionals will continue to provide beautiful and natural smiles in a caring and comfortable ambiance for all our patients without exception. As a Family Dentist in Durham, Ajax NS Dental has been providing a full range of cosmetic and general dental care and services from a highly qualified and dedicated team of dental professional.

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